Timeline of Goju-Ryu:-

–   605: “Ryukyu” first appears the Chinese annals.

–   1187: King Shunten takes the throne.

–   1260: Coronation of King Eiso. Zenkan builds Gokuraku Temple.

–   1296: Mongols attack Okinawa Island.

–   1350: King Satto takes the throne.

–   1372: King Satto sends first envoys to Ming China.

–   1392: First students sent to Ming China to study. 36 families from China immigrate to Kume village Naha, Okinawa. Chinese Boxing is practiced.

–   1441: Ryukyu supposedly granted to Shimazu Tadakuni by Askikaga Yoshinori.

–   1458: Conflict between Gosamaru and Amawari.

–   1467: Grand Library presented by the King of Korea.

–   1477: The three kingdoms of Okinawa are unified, and the ruler King Sho Shbans the use of weapons all of Okinawa. Devolopment of unarmed combat skyrockets…

–   1500: Oyake Akahachi uprising.

–   1531: First volume of the Omoroshoshi complied.

–   1589: An embassy from Ryukyu received by Hideyoshi at Kyoto.

–   1591: Hideyoshi sends troops to Korea; levies on Ryukyu for assitance.

–   1605: Noguni Soukan introduces the sweet potato from China.

–   1609: The Satsuma clan of Japan invaded Okinawa (Ryukyu Kingdom).

–   1623: Shinjo Gima introduces sugar refining.

–   1650: Sho Shokenn (Choshu Haneji) publishes Chuzan Seikan (History of Ryukyu).

–   1713: “Origins and History of the Ryukyu Kingdom” published.

–   1719: First Performance of Tamagusku Chokun’s “Kumiodori.”

–   1734: Saion publishes the Farmer’s Manual.

–   1853: March 10, Higaonna Kanryo was born. Taught by Master Ryu Ryu Ko (China). Founder of Naha – Te.

–   1853: Commodore Perry’s Black Ships call Naha.

–   1872: Ryukyu Kingdom becomes Ryukyu Han (fiefdom).

–   1879: Abolition of fiefs; creation of Okinawa Prefecture.

–   1888: Grand Master Sensei Chojun Miyagi is born. He is the founder of Gojyu-Ryu.

–   1904: Abolition of land allocation system; establishment of private land ownership.

–   1909: First Prefectural Assembly election.

–   1912: First election of lower house Diet members.

 –   1916: Grand Master Higaonna Kanryo dies with Master Chogun Miyagi at his side.

–   1926: Kazuro Hirozu’s The Wandering Ryukyuans provokes uproar.

–   1930: Master Chogun Miyagi names the style.

–   1933: Master Chogun Miyagi’s Gojyu-Ryu was accepted as part of Japan’s martial arts in the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai.

–   1940: Controversy over use of Okinawa Prefecture.

–   1945: U.S. Forces land on Okinawa Island. Organized resistance of Japanese forces ends on June 23.

–   1946: General Mac Arthur separates the administration of Japan and the Southwest Island chain.

–   1951: The San Francisco Peace Treaty between Japan and the United States provides for continued American control of Okinawa and Amami.

–   1952: Establishment of the Government of the Ryukyus. Sensei Meitoku Yagi was given permission to open a Dojo. He is   the only student of Sensei Chojun Miyagi to be allowed to, as Sensei Chojun Miyagi dies on October 8th, 1953.

–   1953: On October 8th, Grand Master Chojun Miyagi dies suddenly.

–   1969: Joint U.S. Japan announcement of Okianawa’s reversion to Japan.

–   1970: Koza Riots.

–   1972: May 15 – Reversion to Japan.

–   1973: Special National Athletic Meet (Wakantsu Kokutai) held to commemorate Reversion.

–   1975: The Okinawa International Ocean Exposition held to commemorate Reversion (July 20: 1975 to Januray 18: 1976).

–   1978: July 30, traffic changed to left-lane driving.

–   1987: Okinawa holds the 42nd National Athletic Meet (Kaihou Kokutai).

–   1992: Shurijo Castle Park is opened on November 3. Dai Sensei Meitoku Yagi demonstrates Seipai at the opening.

–   1993: The 44th National Treet Planting Ceremony (April 25) is held Okinawa.

–   1995: The Cornerstone of Peace erected memory pf those lost on both sides the Battle of Okinawa.

–   1998: Was the 110th anniversary of the birth of Gojyu-ryu founder Sensei Chojun Miyagi.

–  2000: Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit. Dai Sensei demonstrates for the G8 World Leaders.

–  2008: Okinawa hosts the 3rd Pacific Islands Summit.

–  2013: goju-world celebrated the 125th birthday anniversary of goju-ryu founder bushido chojun miyagi.