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• What is World Karate Day and Why is it acknowledged annually on the 25 October???

A group of Senior Okinawan Karate Teachers (Chojun Miyagi, Chitoku Kyan, Choshin Chibana, Chomo Hanashiro, Choki Motobu, Choteu Oroku, Mr Nakasone, Juhatsu Kyoda and Shimpa Gusukuma) held a meeting on Sunday 25 October, 1936 to stratigise and agree on the future of Karate.

It was agreed upon that the name being used to describe their Martial Art at the time, Toude (Chinese Hand) was not appropriate if it to be merged into the mainstream Japanese Martial Arts, had to be changed to KaraTe (Empty Hand).They also agreed to adopt the Judo grading/belt color system, the use of titles like Shihan, Kyoshi and Hanshi as well as to embrace the competition/sporting aspect.These changes made Karate more popular on the Japanese mainland.This is why the 25 October is acknowledged as World Karate Day.However, please understand that Okinawan ‘Dento Karate‘ had existed LONG BEFORE the 25 October 1936 and continues to this day with obvious improvements as and where.It is sport Karate (the minor aspect of Karate with the most exposure worldwide) that can consider the 25 October 1936 as it Founding Day.